JUNGLETOWN is an ongoing television series (season one will be ten, one-hour episodes) and a feature-length documentary (shot over years) which follows the building of “the world’s most sustainable modern town” through the eyes of the young adults who, facing climate disaster, are moving to the Panamanian jungle – either permanently or for a ten week semester study abroad program at the Kalu Yala Institute, and a mid-thirties real estate visionary trying to make a successful venture against all odds, natural, political, and financial…They all have in common a pressing need to break out of their wired comfort zones and the courage to sign up for hard work and some personal risk in order to learn new ways to live, at a time that we all must.

Read about it here: Viceland developing series with Timoner, Tyler The Creator


Ondi has also written the script for MAPPLETHORPE, the story of controversial visionary photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, which she is set to produce and direct in the spring of 2017. It will star actors Matt Smith as Robert Mapplethorpe and Zosia Mamet as Patti Smith.