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A TOTAL DISRUPTION is a portal of cyber-series that take the users on the ride alongside the visionary risk-takers of today — those crazy enough to defy all limits to turn their big ideas into reality.

A TOTAL DISRUPTION provides an ecosystem for those who love to know what’s next and who’s bringing it. This channel is all about entrepreneurs and innovation will allow audiences to follow and interact with the people behind the most cutting-edge ideas. There are 3 hours of content per month, several weekly shows and shorter bursts on a daily basis. Our audience is able to track and root for the startups, ask questions and have them answered by masters in the field, and submit their own pitches and stories of their online experience – the best of which will be featured and promoted.

Apart from allowing viewers to post their own stories, we will also use our website to continue the interaction with our audience. The website has follow-up tracking profiles on the featured startups, plus links to connect our viewers to the startup’s site. After a startup is profiled by us in a #STARTUP LIFE segment, we are featuring weekly video blogs by the founders in THEY SAY I’M CRAZY.  They are sharing their strategy shifts, venting about the weeks ups & downs, to-dos and pitches, etc. There is an interactive platform that allows viewers to interact with our subjects and learn more about them.

In addition to the above two series, we are creating:

  • SENDLOVE features the wild Sendlove wannabe-social network, from day one.
  • BYTE SIZE reveals hidden insights and philosophies, direct from the tech innovators themselves.
  • THE ELEVATOR PITCH allows startups to pitch to VCs in 30 seconds up, and hear their feedback on the ride down – in actual elevators.
  • SEEING THROUGH THE EYES OF A VC steps into the shoes of a venture capitalist or angel investor discovering future disruptors and giving them the fuel and direction to make it all happen. Experience what it is like on the other side of the table.
  • STARTUP LIFE features a different startup every episode, where we bring you on a journey into the hearts and minds of the entrepreneurs who have a solution to a big problem you might not even know you have! Ride alongside these bands of risk-takers as they tackle hurdles to get their ideas financed and struggle to acquire their millions of users.
  • THE FUTURE IS NOW reveals the newest groundbreaking inventions in technology through the eyes of top innovators from healthcare, education, energy, and security, that will transform and even save our lives.
  • WIZARD features the leaders in technology that have made something out of nothing and that have had a huge impact, and learn from these important innovators where their ideas came from!
  • WOMEN 3.0 delves into the question of why there are so few women in tech and what is being done about it. Meet women founders, VCs, angel investors, and women-centric accelerators who aim to disrupt the white male, hoody-wearing, geek-dominated tech empire.
  • THE GRANDMA PITCH features a batch of startups pitching their vision and goals to a panel of grandmas, one start up is vetted per day, and winners chosen at the end of the week. Variations of this panel include the tweenie pitch, housewife pitch, jock pitch and rock star pitch.