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WETALK is a traveling talk show and live event for and about the women shaping our culture, moving the conversation from Me Too to We Do, focusing the spotlight on unlikely combinations of fantastic women who are changing the world.

Hosted by award-winning filmmaker & entrepreneur Ondi Timoner.








An intimate portrait of ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE, a controversial photographer whose work celebrated form in a range of subjects, from flowers to S&M. He electrified the contemporary art world and immortalized a generation ravaged by AIDS.  Starring Matt Smith as Mapplethorpe. Written and Directed by Ondi Timoner. Produced by Interloper Films and Boston Diva Productions. World Premiere: TriBeCa Film Festival 2018


Currently on the festival circuit.








An intimate look at mostly millennials as they leave the comfort of their lives in civilization to come to the jungle and figure out new ways to live, at a time we all must. JUNGLETOWN documents incredibly raw and intriguing characters and the work they are doing to set up farming systems, recycle 100% of their waste, build a stable water system, and document the wildlife to help preserve it. It's also a look at what real community might look like, at a time when we've lost a sense of what that means. Though sustainable living is very challenging, it's possible.