B.Y.O.D. - Bring Your Own Documentary

Since 2011,  BRING YOUR OWN DOC has covered over 300 films, featuring most of the greatest documentary filmmakers in the world. We’ve done retrospectives with DA Pennebaker, Joe Berlinger, Eugence Jarecki, Les Blank’s last interview, Jehane Noujaim and the Square right off winning Sundance & the Undefeated team right off the Oscars, etc.

The series has become the cornerstone of the documentary world— the only place where a filmmaker gets their best interview, by a colleague, and where the audience can watch the greatest documentary filmmakers discuss their films from subject matter to style, as they are being released. There isn’t a filmmaker or company making docs at Sundance or SXSW, who is nominated for an Oscar, or premiering on any network from HBO to Netflix- who don’t go out of their way to sit down for this show because the reputation is so strong. We host an annual Oscar Roundtable for three years running.