WETALK is a new traveling talk show and live event about the women shaping our culture, moving the conversation from #MeToo to #WeDo, by focusing on unlikely combinations of unique women. The mission of WeTalk is to bring together change-makers who are blazing new paths across arts, entrepreneurship, government, and technology to spark new ideas & creations.

The show launched at SXSW and has since traveled to New York for the Tribeca Film Festival. Guests have included award-winning filmmakers such as Lynn Shelton, Megan Griffiths, Kate Davis,Cristina Constrantini, Andrea Nevins, Stephanie-Wang Breal, and Nancy Schwartzman ; ground-breaking entrepreneurs such as Arlan Hamilton, Emily Best, Puneet Kaur Ahira, Jen Consalvo, Melanie Elturk & Bea Arthur ; technologic visionaries such as Megan Smith, Neha Narula and Samantha Snabes; extraordinary civic leaders such as Rabbi Rachel Timoner and Jennifer Cooper and culturual disruptors Christy Havranek and Alysia Reiner. 


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